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LACAME´22 will be organized at UFES (Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo) in Vitória/ES/Brazil. The Campus can be easily reached by public transportation either from the airport (taxi or Uber will cost about US$ 4) or from hotels.

To use public bus, you will need a transportation card ("Bilhete Único"), which can be purchased (just one time), and recharged at UFES Campus or at pharmacies.

To pay in cash any purchase, you have to use local money (Real). Your credit card can be used in several places (restaurants, stores, taxi, Uber, etc).


Since the places are limited (Vitória is a small trade-like city), an early reservation is recommended. The Organizing Committee will not perform reservations for the participants. The actual exchange is approximate US$ 1= R$ 5.20 (This ratio may change according to Brazilian economy).

The organizing committee suggests some hotels. However, the accommodation place is optional and you can choose and directly book the accommodation that better fits you.

Suggested hotels:




OBS: Easy Bristol and Ibis Budget hotels are close to UFES Campus (walking distance)! 

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