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Abstract Submission

All submissions documents must be sent electronically only through the Conference website.

Instructions for Authors

The authors are kindly requested to follow the guidelines for abstracts submission. Abstracts must be submitted in English. The organizing committee recommends that the authors submit their abstracts as early as possible to avoid the last-minute rush and system congestion. Please, use the attached template for abstract submission.

The scientific program will cover the same basic topics, choose the area / topic of your presentation according to the areas below:

  • T01 Magnetism and Solid State Physics

  • T02 Thin Films and Nanostructures

  • T03 Materials Science and Industrial Applications

  • T04 Biological and Medical Applications

  • T05 Chemistry

  • T06 Earth Science and Mineralogy

  • T07 Cultural Heritage and Environmental Science

  • T08 Coherent Phenomena

  • T09 Lattice Dynamics and Vibrational Properties

  • T10 Experimental Techniques and Methodology and Non-Conventional Isotopes

Download abstract template.

The scientific program will cover the same basic topics as in previous conferences: 

Important information

To submit the abstracts, please use word format and give the archive name using the corresponding author’s name as follow: initial of your name.last name


Submit your abstract to

PS: Please, use the following format in the e-mail´s subject: ABSTRACT_Name

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